Young boy killed three members of his family in Baghlan province

Monday, 25 February 2013 15:44

Young boy killed three members of his family in Baghlan province Baghlan provincial local official said, last night a young boy of 27 years old killed three members of his family members and injured five others in Khost-e-Fereng district.
Mohibullah Mohaqiq Khost-e-Fereng district governor told Bokhdi News Agency, a young boy attacked on his family members by knife and gun.
Mohaqiq went on and said, this young boy named Amanuddin.
District governor added and said:" this boy who named Amanuddin after dispute with his family attacked on his uncle, aunt and his neighbor by gun and killed and as well wounded five members of his family including his wife, child and his mother and father."
Baghlan province is located in the north and is witness of huge number of violations in the country in the recent months.
Family complexity and traditional barriers are the main reason behind these problems.
Mohibullah Mohaqiq further added this incident happened in the area named "Deh Tarari" located 3 kilo meters far from center of this district.
Khost-e-Fereng district governor said, Amanuddin "the attacker" was arrested short after this incident by police.
Mohaqiq emphasized, health condition of some of the injured reported critical.
Zakaria Nasiri-Baghlan
Bokhdi News Agency

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