Quick Answer: What Are The Factors Contributing To Substance Abuse?

What are the factors that influence drug abuse?

Certain factors can affect the likelihood and speed of developing an addiction:Family history of addiction.

Drug addiction is more common in some families and likely involves genetic predisposition.

Mental health disorder.

Peer pressure.

Lack of family involvement.

Early use.

Taking a highly addictive drug..

What other factors might contribute to substance use in emerging adulthood?

The peak in prevalence across emerging adulthood may be due to several factors, including freedom from constraint, increased peer pressure, less than optimal decision-making skills, high disinhibition, and increased stress during this developmental period.

What are the most common type of substance of abuse among Filipino?

The most commonly used drug in the Philippines is a variant of methamphetamine called shabu or “poor man’s cocaine.” According to a 2012 United Nations report, the Philippines had the highest rate of methamphetamine abuse among countries in East Asia; about 2.2% of Filipinos between the ages 16–64 years were …

How does substance abuse affect education?

First, substance use itself may impair cognitive development which, in turn, reduces academic achievement and disrupts academic progression. Recent studies have shown that heavy adolescent substance use can lead to problems with working memory and attention due to changes in adolescent brain activity [5].

What are the consequences of drug trafficking in Nigeria?

In addition to tarnishing Nigeria’s image as a nation, drug trafficking also has negative impacts on its security, economy and the well-being of Nigerians. The proceeds from drug trafficking can potentially be a source of funding for non-state armed and terrorist groups.

What is Drugs Abuse Wikipedia?

Substance abuse, also known as drug abuse, is the use of a drug in amounts or by methods which are harmful to the individual or others. It is a form of substance-related disorder.

How does unemployment lead to the use of substances?

The unemployed are more likely to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, and to use illicit and prescription drugs. They are more likely to smoke and develop dependence on alcohol and illicit drugs.

What are three factors that affect teen alcohol use?

Here is a list of risk factors according to NIH:Early aggressive behavior This risk factor is usually seen in early childhood.Little parental supervision.Peer drug and alcohol abuse.Availability of drugs.Low income.Jan 21, 2012

What are the social factors that contribute to substance abuse in South Africa?

Social Risk Factors. Social factors that contribute to increased risk for adolescent substance use include deviant peer relationships, popularity, bullying, and association with gangs.

What are the causes of drug abuse among youths?

Conclusion: The major cause of substance abuse among youth are peer pressure and desire for enjoyment, common effect is poor health and Tobacco is the common abuse drug.

What are the causes and consequences of drug abuse?

Drug abuse can affect several aspects of a person’s physical and psychological health. Certain drugs can lead to drowsiness and slow breathing, while others may cause insomnia, paranoia, or hallucinations. Chronic drug use is associated with cardiovascular, kidney, and liver disease.

How do risk and protective factors influence drug abuse?

Risk factors can increase a person’s chances for drug abuse, while protective factors can reduce the risk. Please note, however, that most individuals at risk for drug abuse do not start using drugs or become addicted. Also, a risk factor for one person may not be for another.

What domains of life that affect drug use and abuse?

There are four domains that affect a youth’s life: community, family, school, and individual. As a youth navigates between these domains, they face risk and protective factors that can influence their health and well-being.

What is an example of substance abuse?

Substance abuse can simply be defined as a pattern of harmful use of any substance for mood-altering purposes. “Substances” can include alcohol and other drugs (illegal or not) as well as some substances that are not drugs at all.

What is the meaning of drugs abuse?

(…uh-BYOOS) The use of illegal drugs or the use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs for purposes other than those for which they are meant to be used, or in excessive amounts. Drug abuse may lead to social, physical, emotional, and job-related problems.

Why do teens drink?

Some reasons that teens use alcohol and other drugs are: curiosity. to feel good, reduce stress, and relax. to fit in.

How can we prevent drug abuse among youth?

Consider other strategies to prevent teen drug abuse:Know your teen’s activities. Pay attention to your teen’s whereabouts. … Establish rules and consequences. … Know your teen’s friends. … Keep track of prescription drugs. … Provide support. … Set a good example.

What are three effects of drugs on an unborn fetus?

Illicit Drugs Illicit drug use during pregnancy may cause miscarriage, preterm labor, birth defects, stillbirth, withdrawal symptoms in the baby after birth, a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), poor fetal growth rate, and cognitive and behavioral problems.

What is the most used drug in the Philippines?

Two of the most used and valuable illegal drugs in the country are methamphetamine hydrochloride (known locally as shabu) and marijuana.

How are drugs affecting the youth of today?

Substance-abusing youth are at higher risk than nonusers for mental health problems, including depression, conduct problems, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, and suicide.

What is the major law against abuse drugs in the Philippines?

The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, or (Republic Act of the Philippines) R.A. No. 9165, is a consolidation of Senate Bill No. 1858 and House Bill No.